The ‘unmentionables’ of the music industry

Is our love affair with the Elvis lookalikes still strong?

Only found in tedious family and friend venues, budget cruises or in puny pubs tucked away from the popular crowds by night-clubs and Wetherspoon’s.


Many think they are but a joke, however, not all fit into this category; the Tribute acts live on because they are some of the most authentic and genuinely constructed ensembles to their original acts, created by many talented groups across the UK.

Of the many thousands (and counting) Beatle tribute acts, based in Leeds and Wakefield, ‘The Beatles Revolution’, is one, not just copying the mop-top and suit and tie combo but, with a very convincing vocalist which would be pleasing for all Beatle-maniacs. “Even my Grandad got up for a dance” says enthusiastic fan, Diane Lonsdale.

Disappointingly though, this Paul is not left-handed…

Maybe you fancy One Night with Celine? It’s a woman named Lisa performing Dion’s “massive back catalogue of memorable show stoppers” says the manager at The Coachman Hotel in Kilsyth, Glasgow. She may dress like Dion, but she is not very convincing.

Not only does the authenticity and sound of the act matter, but so does the alternative band name; Coolplay, Green Haze, Fred Zepplin, Rolling Stoned, Surely Bassey and Motorheadache are a few of the best crafted variations.

What is the obsession with the ‘attempted’ duplicate version of our favourite bands and artists? Well, what’s not to love about the striking 70s bell sleeves and trousers of ABBA impersonators? The unsecure black quiff wigs on the heads of the King of Rock? Not to mention the questionable ‘Moves like Jagger’.

Considering a change from the monotonous indie boy bands? Visit festivals like ‘Tribfest’ based in Yorkshire and ‘Glastonbudget’ in Leicestershire, both celebrating the best Tribute acts all over the country.

Long live the Tribute act.



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